Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Modern-day love story and action packed movie is a hit from the day it was viewed to the public. Ever imagine yourself being in love with a vampire, well without second thought I guess some of you lady will say yes, provided that vampire would be Edward Cullen. And for Bella Swan, there is nothing more than life itself, until he met, Edward. But taking into account that being in love with a vampire one could imagine is the most dangerous thing. He once had rescued Bella from one vampire, but now, as their complicated relationship threatens all that is near and close to them, seeing that happening, they've been realizing troubles maybe just a beginning of their journey. Let's just see what will happen next.

As for non-readers of the sequels of this movie, lots of them presumes that they'll be having a baby.. That sounds funny but I do think that way too.
What do you think guys? And for those who have already read care to tell us details?

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