Thursday, January 16, 2014

James Blunt is Dead - a Hoax , Meanwhile Check Out His Music

Post Updated:

So, okay, I have posted this hoax news of James Blunt last May of 2012 and so I'm updating this with great deals on his music. See it below and grab a copy of James album now.

The Music of James Blunt

Shock upon hearing the news that James Blunt is dead with Cardiac Arrest. A friend of mine had told me this issue and after that I immediately searched over this on the internet.

Only to find out that this was just another internet hoax, revolving around just to gain more interested audience. This issue started out from a guy named Ben Kling.. a 20 year old musician. Wow... another day to shock us all.

Lady Gaga in MTV Video Music Awards 2011 Performed You and I

Lady Gaga in MTV Video Music Awards 2011 Performed You and I

This time will see a different Lady Gaga in MTV's Video Music Awards, held last August 28, 2011 in Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles .

With a short hair wig and wearing a “man” outfit, in a simple black pant with white tshirt..she is extremely extra ordinary creature, and she's my favorite. Kudos for her.. My number idol, a unique music icon.

Lady Gaga's New Album as of 2014

Can't Wait to Watch Lady Gaga's Controversial Concert in the Philippines Today

Post Updated: After almost 2 years. :-)

Watch Lady Gaga arrives in Philippines amid protests

A Big Fan of Lady Gaga? Then Here are Some of Her New Album

This is it. Today, Lady Gaga will capture Filipino's heart with her unique and creative music plus fashion styles. This iconic Lady Gaga, will be entertaining fans with her "The Born This Way Ball" Tour. Mall of Asia Arena will be filled with people who really loves Lady Gaga's songs and styles. This includes me.I am a fan.

Despite controversy's  as protested by Filipino Christian Conservatives, still the show must go on. I am sure that the organizers know this, and they are going to make it entertaining not as protesters expect.

Here are ticket prices for the night's concert;

PATRON Standing – P15,840
LOWER BOX Reserved Seats - P11,620
LOWER BOX (Persons w/ Disability) Standing – P11,620
UPPER BOX (Free Seating) – P5,280
UPPER BOX (Persons w/ Disability) Standing – P5,280
GENERAL ADMISSION (Free Seating) – P2,120
GENERAL ADMISSION (Persons w/ Disability) Standing – P2,120

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Best Sellers for Music as of January 7, 2014

For music lovers, so as to give you the idea of what's hot in the market, giving you some buying lists of CD,s on sale, MP3 and more. Check out below for some great deals. Buy wisely, compare prices and check for reviews before buying the item, to avoid replacements/returns.

Best Sellers Under Alternative Rock

Best Sellers for Music Under Category Educational (Children Music)

Best Sellers for Movie Soundtracks MP3 Album Downloads

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