Thursday, October 13, 2016

DEEZER - Best Music Streaming Station That I Switched From Spotify

Since I have no premium account with Spotify, I decided to look for another music streams station and a friend referred to me, Deezer. I signed up for an account and at first use, I love it. I am using an online Deezer and not the app itself for my phone. Since I worked online facing my computer for 8 hours, I'm needing a good music playlist to listen to. I used Youtube before and I have not created my own playlist on it and so what I did is that I need to click on songs or artists everytime the music ends and this eats some of my time. 

 I am as well considering on listening to Tidal but I have not visited nor searched on how it works. 

Will give 5 days more to Deezer and see if it pleases and entertains me. If not, then will jump on to using Tidal. Here's the snippet of my Deezer interface.

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