Thursday, January 16, 2014

Can't Wait to Watch Lady Gaga's Controversial Concert in the Philippines Today

Post Updated: After almost 2 years. :-)

Watch Lady Gaga arrives in Philippines amid protests

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This is it. Today, Lady Gaga will capture Filipino's heart with her unique and creative music plus fashion styles. This iconic Lady Gaga, will be entertaining fans with her "The Born This Way Ball" Tour. Mall of Asia Arena will be filled with people who really loves Lady Gaga's songs and styles. This includes me.I am a fan.

Despite controversy's  as protested by Filipino Christian Conservatives, still the show must go on. I am sure that the organizers know this, and they are going to make it entertaining not as protesters expect.

Here are ticket prices for the night's concert;

PATRON Standing – P15,840
LOWER BOX Reserved Seats - P11,620
LOWER BOX (Persons w/ Disability) Standing – P11,620
UPPER BOX (Free Seating) – P5,280
UPPER BOX (Persons w/ Disability) Standing – P5,280
GENERAL ADMISSION (Free Seating) – P2,120
GENERAL ADMISSION (Persons w/ Disability) Standing – P2,120

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