Wednesday, September 2, 2009

District 9 Movie

Disrtrict 9, produced by Sci-Fi film producer Peter Jackson. This film is about alien invading the lands of Johannesburg, South Africa, separated from Humans by being placed into restricted access ghettos/slums, and then forced into working as what may as well be slaves with little or no civil rights. Tha tmovie really stood out among other films for it has it's own uniqueness and it gave a new look on what is an exciting movie is.
Knowing that that the writer of that film is from South Africa, and he knows at first hand what was really happenning. And there should be more movies made similar to that movie- It had a mixture of excitement, and alot of emotional hits. It was something different and i really enjoyed seeing it. I look forward to more exciting movies after this one!
This movie was amazing. and it shows things that have actually happened in this world, but instead of showing it happening to people, using those people as aliens. And it does depicts what was really happenning in real life. Thank you for Peter Jackson, for giving us that kind of film of which is really a remarkable one. It's camera visuals were really unique blended well with special effects.

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